Ashburton Drive Primary School P&C

As president of the P&C I recently consulted with the school Principal about what the school would do with $500k and the short answer was, "what wouldn't we do?!" In our community, there is a shortage of services available to children who need it, especially for concerns raised in during the early development years. We immediately come up with a 2 year plan. With $500k available the first improvement that could be made to our school, would be to employ a full-time speech therapist. Our teachers are doing a fantastic job of assessing and supporting our students, particularly in the early learning years and referring parents to specialists, but the wait list can be anywhere from 8 months to 2 years. By the time some children can be seen by a speech therapist they are already into their primary school years and behind the eight-ball. In an increasingly digital world both parenting and social skills are being lost. Yes, lost! Kids are starting school without social skills, without basic language skills and in some cases fine-motor skills. Likewise, due to the socio-economic circumstances of our community, the school would engage an onsite social worker. This would enable high-risk kids to have access to immediate support and where needed intervention. Not to mention that our breakfast club kitchen could really do with an upgrade - it's currently a toaster, some plates and the staff room fridge and is currently being stocked by donations. Children need proper nutrition (and sometimes any will do) to function, develop and learn. It's just so vital to provide the resources needed in our neighbourhood, for our kids, to give them the best possible education. Kerry Stokes has been quoted as saying "That is the one great recurring story with people finding their way out of poverty, is education." I agree with Mr Stokes, education is vital. Education not only empowers people but also communities. With more support resources in our school we could better see our community's future, bright and healthy! Half a million dollars invested in our school would go a very long way to securing that future.