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Resources for teachers and carers to learn more about play-based learning so you can bring it into your classroom or school.

The State of Play-Based Learning in Western Australian Schools study was initiated by the SSTUWA to investigate the perceptions of teachers on matters related to the provision of play-based learning in WA schools. Since 2013, key WA Early Childhood Education (ECE) advocacy organisations (including Early Childhood Australia WA and the Early Years in Education Society) and members of the SSTUWA Early Years Reference Committee have expressed concerns regarding what they cite as a significant decline in opportunities for children to learn through self-initiated and self-directed play experiences. This has been particularly noted in the early years of schooling.

The findings derived from the study will inform the SSTUWA and the WA Department of Education (DoE) about training and resourcing needs for promoting play-based learning at school.

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