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In their eight years of Government the former Liberal-National Government oversaw severe cuts to education amounting to $230 million and 1400 staff including 550 teachers.

All of these cuts meant staffing reduction, reduced numbers of teachers, support and education assistant staff, fewer educational programs offered, increased class sizes and cuts to classroom resources.

So when we say there is nothing left to cut, we mean it.

Now, the new Labor Government is taking more, which will further cut resourcing and curriculum support for our children's learning.

The State School Teachers Union marked the Government’s first year in office by presenting half a birthday cake to Ministers as they walked into cabinet this morning, to represent the tough economic times felt by savage budget cuts to education.

After eight years of brutal cuts by Barnett, the proverbial cupboard has been well and truly emptied and we hoped with a new Labor Government, that the shelves would be restocked.

But now the shelves themselves are starting to disappear which is compromising the quality of our public education system.

Yesterday on March 11, Mark McGowan's Labor Government celebrated their 1st year in office, but we don’t see anything to party about, no when cuts continue in our public schools.

So, we are asking you to send Premier McGowan a message for his 1st year in office, a message of how these cuts will affect your capacity to deliver quality education, your child's learning and your community’s wellbeing.