Government spends money on propaganda at schools' expense - 23 July 2014

The State School Teachers’ Union has called on the State Government to re-examine its spending priorities, after it was revealed that more than $135 million is needed to fix rundown facilities in WA schools.

The State Government audit reportedly found more than 600 schools needed urgent ‘priority one’ maintenance.

“It is disgraceful that at a time when the majority of WA schools are in serious need of repair, the government has instead decided to spend almost $2 million on a propaganda campaign to sell its new school funding model,” said SSTUWA President Pat Byrne.

“The government should be making the health and safety of students and teachers a priority instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on propaganda promoting the State Government.”

 “The Education Minister is fond of repeatedly proclaiming that WA schools are the best resourced in the country.

“The fact is that, on a per capita basis, WA does not spend the most on education, with both the ACT and the NT spending more per student than this government does.

“It is obvious that, despite the Minister’s claims, most public schools in WA are  struggling to get the money for ongoing repairs and maintenance.”

Ms Byrne said the government had also cut $200 million from school budgets, some of which would have been spent on minor maintenance works in schools.