Large number of schools to close on April 1st

The State School Teachers’ Union said the large number of schools closing due to the
Community Day of Action on April 1st reflected how strongly teachers felt about the Barnett
Government’s education cuts.

The Education Department has released a list of schools which will be closed on April 1st,
which includes 95 schools.

SSTUWA President Pat Byrne many other schools would be operating with a skeleton staff
and would be in care-taker mode.

“The Department has taken the unprecedented step of writing directly to parents to warn them
that they must send their children to school on April 1st if the school is open,” she said.

“Parents have been warned that if they don’t send their children to school, they will be
recorded as having an “unauthorised absence”.

“We have been told that some parents are furious at this warning."

“We believe it’s up to parents to decide whether they want to support this action and stand up
for education in this state and we would still encourage them to bring their children along on
April 1st."

“The Barnett Government is clearly concerned about the amount of people who are likely to
turn up at the rally to voice their disapproval of its savage budget cuts and is doing whatever it
can to limit attendance.”

Ms Byrne said Principals and teachers have received similar warnings from the Department.

“Our members have received multiple letters from the Department warning that their pay will
be docked and implying disciplinary action may be taken if they attend the event,” she said.

“Principals are being warned not to encourage staff to protest over these cuts.
“Some of our members, particularly new and younger teachers, are telling us that they feel
intimidated by these letters from the Department, which they feel is unfair, given they are
simply standing up for the education of their students.”

The April 1st event will start at 10am at Langley Park, followed by a march up to Parliament House.

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