Public Education Day - Morning of Action

On national Public Education Day, we celebrate the critical role that public schools play in our society and the high quality education they provide for every student, regardless of their background or circumstance.

This year, we are not just celebrating public education, but also defending it against Colin Barnett’s education cuts. On April 1st, 20 thousand of us marched on Parliament House and demanded Barnett return funding to schools. Pressure is building on the State Government and we will not stop our campaign until this occurs.

The goal of our Public Education Day morning of action is to increase pressure on Members of Parliament to support their local schools by reversing the cuts. Delegations of SSTUWA, United Voice and CPSU/CSA members, along with parents, will be meeting with several Liberal members at Parliament House to discuss the cuts. Union leaders will also be seeking meetings with the Minister, Premier and representatives of the National Party. Within schools, we are sending a joint letter to our Local MP, asking him/her to raise our concerns in Parliament.

There are several individual actions that you can take. We ask that you take five minutes to complete one or more of these actions. Most importantly, please ensure that you are signed up to the Putting Our Kids First website so that we can keep you informed on news and actions in the campaign.

Actions you can take:

1) Email your local MP from or give them a call to discuss how the cuts are affecting your school.

2) Send your own email to the Minister for Education Peter Collier at or the Premier Colin Barnett at from your private email account.

3) Register your support at and invite others members of your school community to do the same.

4) Speak to your school or P&C to find out if they are holding a Public Education Day morning tea.

May 22, 2014 at 6am - 2pm

Will you come?