In their eight years of Government the former Liberal-National Government oversaw severe cuts to Education amounting to $230million and 1400 staff including 550 teachers.

As a result administrative workloads rose, classrooms at many schools are overcrowded, work-related stress increased, incentives to attract and retain regional staff were cut and job security decreased.

All of these cuts meant staffing reduction, reduced teaching, support and education assistant staff, fewer programs, increased class sizes and cuts to classroom resources.

So when we say there is nothing left to cut, we mean it.


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Why I wouldn't have given the Government a 'B' in education - Opinion by Pat Byrne


I read with interest a recent report card published in ‘The West Australian’ which stated that it was “hard to fault the performance” of this State Government in regard to education.

As the president of a Union which represents 17,000 public education and TAFE staff working in every school and campus across the state, I can tell you that our members do not agree with this analysis.

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Educators dissatisfied with State Government


A survey of almost 3,000 teachers and school leaders in WA has revealed the State Government faces an uphill battle to convince education staff that it’s doing a good job in public education.

The survey showed 77% of teachers and 63% of principals were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the State Government’s performance in education.

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