Educators dissatisfied with State Government


A survey of almost 3,000 teachers and school leaders in WA has revealed the State Government faces an uphill battle to convince education staff that it’s doing a good job in public education.

The survey showed 77% of teachers and 63% of principals were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with the State Government’s performance in education.

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Schools rely on voluntary charges and P&C fundraising

A survey of almost 3,000 WA public school teachers and principals has revealed the extent of schools’ reliance on voluntary charges to deliver programs.

The survey found 60% of teachers and principals believed voluntary contributions and school fundraising were either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to ensure schools could offer the education programs students needed.

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Survey highlights serious problem of violence in schools

A survey of teachers and school leaders has highlighted the ongoing problem of violence in schools, with figures showing teachers were more likely to be the victim of violence from students, while principals were more likely to be assaulted or verbally abused by parents.

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