Confusion reigns as school goes back

The State School Teachers’ Union said as students returned to school today, Principals were still scrambling to make sense of their budgets.

The union said Principals were still confused about exactly how much money they had under the move to a new funding model, after they were given one set of figures last July, another set on the last day of school and yet another last week.

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Teacher numbers not keeping pace with student growth


The State School Teachers’ Union is concerned that despite a record number of students enrolling in WA public schools, teacher numbers are not keeping pace.

SSTUWA President Pat Byrne said although the government said it had funded 550 extra teaching positions this year, the number of teachers had been steadily declining over the past three years.

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Report reveal WA teacher student ratios highest in country

Monday 9th February 2015

A new report has revealed WA primary schools have the equal highest student to teacher ratios in the country. The Productivity Commission report also revealed that WA has the second highest ratio across both primary and secondary schools.


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