Vote for a party that puts our kids first

The cuts to public schools over the last three years have really hurt. Every child deserves the individual attention they need to get a great education. This state election, vote for the political party that puts our kids first.

The Human Cost of Barnett's Education Cuts

With 90 per cent of public school students receiving less funding this year and next, there are real human costs in our schools. Check out and share our new video.

The New Student Funding Model Exposed

Under the Barnett Government's new student funding model, there is no new money for our public education system. Over the last two years, more than 400 schools have actually lost money.

Colin Barnett should Put Our Kids First

Watch and share our new online video ad, which delivers the facts about the Barnett Government's new student funding model. Public school funding growth isn't keeping up with student population growth, and this means less funding for each student.