Petition to the Hon. Glenys Godfrey, Member for Belmont – Put Belmont kids first and reverse Colin Barnett’s cuts to local schools.

We call on the Hon. Glenys Godfrey to publically support the reversal of funding and staffing cuts to local public schools in Belmont and raise this issue with her Government colleagues in Parliament. 

The Belmont community is unhappy about the Liberal State Governments treatment of local public schools over the last two years. Under the Barnett Government, schools in Belmont have endured cuts to their budgets, reductions to education assistants and teaching staff, increased class sizes, fewer classroom resources and the loss of funding for specialist literacy and numeracy programs.

On average, funding per student across all Belmont schools has decreased since 2013. Some schools have been hit worse than others. For example, funding per student at Belmont City College has decreased by over $1500 per child since 2013.

In a recent survey of over 2500 education workers, staff at Belmay Primary School, Belmont Primary School, Cloverdale Primary School and Belmont City College reported that class sizes had increased as a result of funding cuts to their school.

In the 2015/16 State Budget, a further $257 million over the next 4 years will be cut from the education budget under a new ‘workforce renewal’ policy which will replace retiring or resigning teachers at 90% of their wage, and other education workers at 60% of their wage. This will only make it tougher for schools in Belmont.

Your local Liberal Member of Parliament for Belmont, the Hon. Glenys Godfrey, is part of the Barnett State Government that has prioritised luxury infrastructure projects at the expense of our public school students.

Will you sign?