WA Election: The good, the bad and the verdict

In October 2016 the SSTUWA published a state election position paper seeking responses from the major political parties in the lead up to the March 2017 election. We have received responses from the Liberal-National Government and the Labor Party of WA. The following is a summary and analysis of the education achievements and platforms of the main political parties.

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Take the pledge to Put Our Kids First

See which politicians have signed the pledge to put our kids first.

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Election statement: WA Labor

An election statement from the WA Labor Party regarding public education.

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Election Statement: WA Liberals

A statement from the WA Liberal Party regarding public education.

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How political parties can put kids first (in six quick points)

1. Reversing the funding cut from public schools – by increasing teacher and education assistant numbers above student growth to ensure every child receives the individual support they need to achieve their best.

2. Reducing violence in schools – by investing in professional development for school staff on student behaviour, expanding strategies to deal with disruptive students and supporting staff when a violent incident occurs.

3. Supporting school staff – Reduce the workload for teachers and school leaders in the areas of compliance and administrative duties, increasing administrative staff in schools and reintroducing line manager support for all principals.

4. Maintaining our schools – by clearing the maintenance backlog and improving ICT provision, ensuring that every school is a safe and engaging learning environment.

5. Attract and retain quality staff in regional WA – improve housing quality and affordability, and expand incentives for regional staff to stay in a rural school or to return to a metropolitan school. 

6. Investing in TAFE and reducing expensive student fees – so that everyone can access and afford a quality vocational education at TAFE.