It's Labor's 1st UNHappy Birthday


March 11 was WA Labor's 1st birthday in office and we thought you might like to send a birthday card to your local member!

But, because of the latest round of cuts to education, we don't see much to celebrate.

So, instead of sending a Happy Birthday card, we have made an UNHappy Birthday card, so you can tell your story about how the cuts to education have affected your ability to teach your class, your child's learning or your community.

If you have wanted to join the campaign but didn't know how, now is your chance to take action and let the decision makers know.

We have provided a suggested message but the more personalised you make it the better. 

Just fill in the fields and press send, we will do the rest.

If you're not up to sending an email, please share our post on Facebook or Twitter so we can reach more people.

Thank you for your support, every little bit counts to enable our decision makers understand the impact of these cuts!