United Alliance Launched Against Education Cuts

Parents, teachers, support staff and Principals have banded together to fight the State Government’s drastic cuts to the education system.

The Education Alliance formally includes the State School Teachers’ Union, United Voice, the CSA/CPSU, UnionsWA and parents’ group Save Our Schools.

The groups, supported by other parents and principals, are united in their condemnation of the Barnett Government’s cuts to education, which include 500 Education Assistants, a third of funding for special programs and forcing schools to pay a long service leave levy.

Spokesman for parents’ group SOS, Tim Kucera, said they had joined the Alliance to help build community awareness about how the short sighted cuts would hurt children’s education.

“All parents know that when you take staff and funding from schools, teaching children becomes so much harder and standards slip,” he said.

UnionsWA Secretary Meredith Hammat said the start of the new school year also marks the re-launch of the campaign against the cuts.

“I’m sure the government hoped this campaign would disappear over the holidays, but the start of the school year has renewed our determination to get these cuts reversed,” she said.

“Parents, school staff and students will all begin to experience the reality of Barnett’s budget cuts this term.

“As a parent myself, as well as representing teachers, Education Assistants and support staff, I am deeply concerned by the Barnett Government’s attack on our public schools.”

Ms Hammat said the loss of 500 Education Assistants would also start to be felt this term.

“Education Assistants provide vital support to kids with additional needs. Without that support, the education of all kids will suffer.”


The Alliance will continue its campaign until the cuts to education are reversed, and would not rule out further industrial action.

Mon 3rd Feb, 2014