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Resourcing WA schools and students for the future

The State School Teachers’ Union has a comprehensive plan to help WA’s public schools, and their students, bounce back from COVID-19 and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Key initiatives from our plan include:

Western Australia’s public schools are currently only provided funding for 95 per cent of the average cost of educating a child, as defined by the federal government’s Schooling Resource Standard, and have no way of making up this funding themselves.

Given the additional costs the WA education system faces because of the size of our state and growing public school enrolments, this just doesn’t make sense.

The state government should increase funding for public education, so that our schools receive 100 per cent of the average cost of educating a child. This would provide between $280 million and $340 million in public school funding each year for West Australian kids, which would be more than enough to fully fund the initiatives in our plan.